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小6漢字ドリル - 小学校で学ぶ漢字181字!

4.6 ( 9056 ratings )
参考 教育
开发 Gloding Inc.
3.99 USD

"Kanji Workbook for 6th grade student" is an application to learn 181 kanji learned in the 6st grade Japanese elementary school. In this application, you can be fun to learn academic skills by watching letters with eyes, listening voice with ears and tracking panel with fingers. Learning correct stroke order is good practice to write beautiful letters. There are many illustrations and examples to help you discover the meaning of characters.

The re-doing function works when you make a mistake in the stroke order, and make you keep practicing until you get the correct letter. The letter that you already wrote saves as data, so its possible to practice continuously every day. You will enjoy because the finish mark will increase, you will realize a sense of accomplishment. Lets start practice from your favorite letter!